Thomson Reuters Introduces Reuters America; Tribune Co. Aboard as First Customer

Thomson Reuters is coming to America! OK, so the media company is already well-established in the United States, but it announced the creation of Reuters America, which is aimed at publishers and broadcasters with the goal of providing them with news, information, and services.

Tribune Co. is already signed on as a Reuters America customer, and it will incorporate news, photos, digital content, graphics, and online video into its newspapers (including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times) and publishing and broadcasting Web sites.

Content providers signed on to distribute content via Reuters America include: The Wrap News, Sports Direct, The SportsXchange, US PRESSWIRE, SB Nation, and

Thomson Reuters president of media Chris Ahearn said:

For too long, this market was bound by a one-size-fits-all offering. Reuters America is introducing choice and flexibility to the news industry. In today’s world, we must be more than a content provider — we need to be a partner and act as an extension of our clients’ newsroom.

Chicago Tribune senior vice president and editor Gerould W. Kern added:

Our partnership with Reuters gives us greater freedom in customizing news coverage that fits our needs. Competition increases choice, spurs innovation, and makes everyone more responsive to the needs of the marketplace. We’re delighted to be working with Reuters.