This Week’s “Reliable Sources”

From CNN:

    HOWARD KURTZ, CNN HOST: Damage control. Obama quits his church after the cable networks led by Fox News keep replaying this video of another inflammatory sermon by another Chicago pastor.

    Truth teller or turncoat? Liberal pundits embrace Scott McClellan’s Bush-bashing book while conservatives denounce the former ally. Did he come clean about the president or cash in on his betrayal?

    Tarnished talk show queen. Oprah’s endorsement of Obama could be hurting her at the box office.

    Sex for sale. The media goes gaga over four actresses and a movie. How did we become glorified publicity agents? Plus when exactly did pundit become a dirty word?

    It took 10 tedious and contentious hours as anyone who watched on cable knows all too well. But Democratic Party officials voted yesterday to seek the disputed Florida and Michigan delegations with half the voting power. And if you believe the pundits who are never wrong, right, that removes the last obstacle to Barack Obama’s nomination, regardless today’s voting in Puerto Rico or two other states on Tuesday.

    But there was an equally dramatic development as Obama after defending for a long time his church, Jeremiah Wright’s former church, Chicago’s Trinity Church resigned the membership. That happened because Fox News played a video again and again Thursday and Friday of another pastor delivering another racially insensitive sermon prompting CNN and MSNBC to give it time as well, prompting the night newscasts to show the video Friday night and “The New York Times” finally did a story yesterday. Here is Father Michael Pfleger in action.

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