This Week’s Reliable Sources

From CNN:

    HOWARD KURTZ, HOST (voice over): In the line of fire. Journalists invade southern California as uncontrolled blazes force mass evacuations.

    How do you cover such a massive disaster? Are news organizations being insensitive toward those who have lost their homes? Are the media politicizing the wildfires by linking them to global warming, the Iraq war or the botched response to Hurricane Katrina?

    We’ll ask CBS’s Harry Smith, ABC’s Claire Shipman, CNN’s Kyra Phillips, and San Diego reporter Larry Himmel, who reported live on television as his house burned to the ground.

    The pundits have a new crush. No, not him, but will it help Mike Huckabee?

    Plus, the wives of the presidential candidates say they’re being caricatured by the media. Do they have a point?

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