This Week's Fastest Growing Facebook Applications

Our ranking of Facebook applications has undergone quite a few changes in just seven days. Conduit has had an unbelievable week, while Badoo and Causes have lost a bit of steam.

Our weekly growth leaderboard has seen quite a few changes in the last seven days. Conduit has had an unbelievable week, while Badoo and Causes have lost a bit of steam. Check out this week’s fastest growing list below, and remember to also use our statistics tool to see more details about how different applications are performing on Facebook.

This Week’s Application Weekly Growth Leaderboard

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. Conduit1,539,63315,033,2816,094,228
2. Causes1,330,71621,108,9583,637,102
3. Preguntas y Respuestas491,4484,782,3761,902,488
4. Badoo3,172,67644,975,6861,625,610
5. Profilbanner auf Deutsch203,3112,201,3011,074,206
6. Friend Buzz500,0637,893,4521,065,974
7. Birthday Cards455,0496,899,682943,943
8. Daily Horoscope402,1441,258,194849,233
9. Profile Banner241,0904,527,436702,660
10. Yahoo6,360,10211,698,270648,480

Conduit leads our list this week, having witnessed a remarkable increase just in the past few days; 6,094,228 people have added this tool that brings a world of applications into a singule convenient menu for users.

And a trend first popularized in the English language is spilling into foreign languages: The Spanish Preguntas y Respuestas got added by 1,902,488 people this week. But quiz applications are still hot in the English language too. Friend Buzz has seen immense growth in popularity over the past month, and now has 7,893,452 monthly average users.

Two applications that have held the top spot in our rankings now have more modest spots on the list. Causes, got 3,637,102 users connecting with the online community for non-profit organizations. And Badoo trails just a few spots behind with an impressive increase, with a monthly average user total of 44,975,686.

Applications that help users alter the new photo layout continue to do well. The German Profilbanner auf Deutsch saw a huge increase, as 1,074,206 people started redesigning their profiles with the app’s help. And Profile Banner remains popular, with growth totaling 702,660.

Also in the “just for fun” category, RockYou’s Birthday Cards shows up on this week’s list for helping 6,899,682 monthly active users remember all of their loved ones’ special days. And inding its way on the leaderboard for the first time is Daily Horoscope, as 350,336 added the app in the past seven days.

Finally, 352,240 people have chosen to get their status updates and news in one place this week by newly synching their Facebook and Yahoo accounts using the portal’s page on the social network.