This Weekend Only: SIRIUS Satellite Radio Launches Client 9 Radio


THIS WEEKEND ONLY, the nimble SIRIUS Satellite Radio — as opposed to its moribund terrestrial competitor — will launch and, presumably afterwards, promptly disband and disavow all knowledge of: ”Client 9 Radio.” Client 9 Radio is, according to the hard-to-believe press release, ”a channel that will explore the breaking news, facts, fallout, psychology, and implications of the scandal. Client 9 Radio will air March 14 at 5:00 pm ET — midnight March 17 exclusively on SIRIUS channel 126.”

Former Court TV Radio host Vinnie Politan will be in all weekend keeping things moving briskly on the aforementioned Channel 126. Some of the programming scheduled for this weekend:

— The ever-controversial Judith Regan speaks with Rachel Marsden, who, you’ll remember, is the ex-girlfriend of the founder of Wikipedia that sold his stuff on eBay after he broke up with her via Wiki.

— conservative SIRIUS Patriot radio host Andrew Wilkow speaks with New York GOP state assembly Leader James Tedisco.

— Indie Talk SIRIUS radio host Ron Silver speaks with ”the top lawyer of last resort” Alan Dershowitz.

— Talk Left SIRIUS host Alex Bennett talks with bordello operator Dennis Hof.

— And, according to the press release ”The Playboy Radio Morning Show talking to high-priced prostitutes about the scandal.”

(image via clipart)