This Week In Viral Videos – October 1, 2010

Today may be the first day of October, but it’s also the last day of the workweek, which means (yes, you guessed it!) it’s time for our top viral video picks. This week we’ve got quite a variety of videos for you, from a big time television blooper in Australia to a very bizarre ad from Google Mobile, to Kat Perry on SNL, Britney on GLEE and an awesome Sesame Street spoof. So sit back, relax, and get ready to take a wild ride through this week in viral videos.

Australia’s Next Top Model Announce Wrong Winner

Did you know that Australia had a Next Top Model television show? Not many people did, until the host announced the wrong winner in the show’s season finale. The clip of the screw-up went viral this week, getting nearly 1 million views.

Google Search with My Location: Pizza

I only have one thing to say about this video: Pizza.

GLEE – “Stronger” Britney Spears Cameo

Tons of people watched the new GLEE Britney Spears episode on television and hundreds of thousands more people have watched a clip of Britney’s cameo performance on YouTube. A clip of her performance on the show has been among the top videos on YouTube for the past few days. Did you see Britney on GLEE?

SNL Katy Perry Elmo Clip

Last week in our viral video roundup, Katy Perry was the talk of the YouTube town with her music video with Elmo that was just a little too hot for kids. Over the weekend, she made an appearance on SNL to poke fun at the controversy surrounding her Sesame Street music clip.

Sesame Street: True Mud

Sesame Street isn’t in the YouTube news just because of Katy Perry these days. They’ve also recently released a fun new video parody called ‘True Mud’, which is a spoof of HBO’s ‘True Blood’ series. It perfectly portrays the essence of True Blood, with muppets representing the most popular characters. The only difference? Vampires get swapped out for grouches.