This Week In Viral Videos – June 11, 2010

Lady Gaga AlejandroFriday is here, and as usual we are bringing you some of the biggest and best viral videos from the last week. From Lady Gaga’s new masterpiece to Adidas and Star Wars, the new iPhone and the BP Oil Spill, this week’s list has got it all. We hope you enjoy our top picks for best viral videos of the week. Check them out after the jump!

Lady Gaga – Alejandro

Lady Gaga’s new epic video for ‘Alejandro’ hit the YouTube and VEVO streams on Tuesday and has already surpassed 11 million YouTube views. The video, which is over 8 minutes long, pushes boundaries in the traditional Lady Gaga spirit. If you haven’t seen ‘Alejandro’ yet, watch it below and see if you go gaga for Gaga’s new clip. I have to admit that the song has been stuck in my head since I first watched this video on Tuesday.

Eminem – Not Afraid

We also have to give props to Eminem, whose new video for ‘Not Afraid’ broke 12 million YouTube views since its upload last week. Eminem’s video is not as risqué as Lady Gaga’s, but it’s a great song just the same and is neck in neck with Gaga on the YouTube charts.

Adidas Originals – Star Wars Cantina 2010

Earlier this week we posted about Adidas’ new campaign for their Originals collection, which composites celebrities including David Beckham and Snoop Dog into the Mos Eisley Cantina scene from Star Wars. The video has surpassed 2.7 million views in a week and if you haven’t seen it yet it’s definitely worth watching!

BP Spills Coffee

A ridiculous spoof of the BP Oil Spill created by UCBComedy is making the rounds on YouTube. In ‘BP Spills Coffee’ we see a table of execs at BP Headquarters dealing with spilled coffee. This clip makes light of a pretty dire situation, but it should put a smile on your face.

LEAKED iPhone 4 ad w/ Jane Lynch and Kassem G

In this spoof video from Take180, Jane Lynch and Kassem G parody the ‘I’m a Mac’ ads, but instead of Mac vs. PC this clip pins the iPhone 4 and Jane Lynch against one another. Of course, Jane Lynch comes out on top. If you want to watch more videos about the new iPhone, check out our list of the top iPhone 4 videos.