This Week In Social Games – Sep 6, 2010

This week we started things off by posting an interview with OMGPOP’s Chief Revenue Officer Wilson Kriegel, we reported gWallet’s new partnership with Mobclix to offer monetization services for mobile platforms, we showcased Applifier’s services related to cross promotion of indie social games and we talked about Hasbro’s online Trivial Pursuit game that lets users test their smarts against YouTube stars in a tournament. Read more after the jump.

OMGPOP’s Cupcake Corner Is Part Of A Larger Facebook Strategy: An Exclusive Interview with CRO Wilson Kriegel

I recently had the chance to chat with Wilson Kriegel – Chief Revenue Officer for casual multiplayer games portal OMGPOP – about the release of Cupcake Corner, their first Facebook game. The game is a restaurant management type game that doesn’t veer too far from the genre standard in aesthetics, but has some unique features and OMGPOP style graphical flourishes that set it apart from other titles in the genre. What’s interesting here is that the game is part of OMGPOP’s bigger strategy to make inroads into the Facebook gaming market. I talk with Wilson about market research, the Facebook gaming market and the crossover between OMGPOP and Facebook below.

gWallet Partners With Mobclix For New Mobile Monetization Offering

Mobile gaming is getting hotter by the day and monetization companies are trying to take advantage. gWallet, a social media monetization company, just announced their latest platform that will allow mobile app developers to monetize their apps through branded offers and installs. gWallet will partner with Mobclix, the largest targeted mobile ad exchange network, to deliver mobile-specific offers and installs from trusted brands. gWallet’s brand relationships coupled with Mobclix’ open marketplace should make this offering a compelling one for all in the mobile space.

Applifier Cross Promotes Over 100 Social Games To 55+ Million MAU

With Facebook’s viral channels throttled down, the largest social games are continuing to maintain their lead via cross-promotion -a luxury only available to those with multiple hit titles. Social gaming giants like Zynga can quickly advertise a new title within a cross promotion bar that runs across its popular games and help it gain millions of new users. The indies, with 1 or 2 games under their belt, had struggled, but are now finding hope in a company called Applifier, a cross-promotion network for indie social apps and games.

Hasbro Lets You Challenge Your Favorite YouTube Stars In Trivial Pursuit

Have you ever wondered how your smarts stack up against popular YouTube stars like the Numa Numa guy, Michael Buckley, Tay Zonday and the ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ brothers? This week, Hasbro and YouTube have launched a fun, interactive Trivial Pursuit experiment that lets you play to see how you measure up against these YouTube bigwigs. ‘You vs. YouTube’ pits you against YouTube partners in an online Trivial Pursuit tournament, so put on your thinking cap and let the games begin!