This Week In Pool Reports

This week’s installment raises the question — why aren’t seal levels discussed more?

  • “Up at Camp David — and did we mention it was at least 15 degrees cooler in the shade and 50 percent dryer than it was in D.C. Today? (Yep, this is another newsless but totally technicolor pool report happily delivered to even those who were not here) — the President of the United States greeted the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi arriving for a night at the camp.” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

  • “Now Camp David, the ruler’s camp that is nestled in the leafy green Catoctin Mountains of Maryland, is a little more down to earth — about 1,500 feet above sea level, actually. In its perch at Catoctin National Park, rangers are waging a personal war against Gypsy moths, which, as the pool learned, are consuming the foliage at an alarming rate. The pool witnessed a park ranger quietly mash a moth into the parking lot of the pool assembly point in the park with the sole of her boot and then implore poolers to kill some of our own moths on the way out –- the first time that this pooler had ever witnesses a park ranger exterminating wildlife, but then one can understand her concern for the foliage here, which is thick and green and provides a pleasant canopy against the summer heat, which brings us back to the meeting of the POTUS and the CPOAD.” — Silva

  • “The pool departed by bus, returning to the staging area and the vans awaiting our rush-hour return to summer in the city — without intentionally stepping on a single Gypsy moth.” — Silva

  • “Should have said that President Bush and the prime minister of Vietnam discussed a rising sea level, not a rising seal levels.” — Jason Embry, Austin American-Statesman