This Week In Pool Reports

It seems POTUS can understand Spanish. Who knew? And, he dines at a New Orleans institution, which is right next to a different type of NoLa landmark.

  • “The fundraiser is being held at the home of Dan and Carolyn Heard. A photographer reported that the home was used in the movie The Toy, with Richard Pryor.” — Jim Gerstenzang, Los Angeles Times

  • “The three leaders used shining gold-toned shovels to dig into a pile of freshly turned dark earth, and tossed two shovelsful each around the rootball of a tree identified on a nearby stone as a shumard oak. They made no comments audible to the pool, and completed the task in 25 seconds. The tree sits beneath full-grown live oaks and magnolias in Lafayette Square across the street from Gallier Hall. From there it was a 2-minute ride to the French Quarter where the president is having lunch at Galatoire’s.” — Gerstenzang

  • “Galatoire’s is four doors down Bourbon Street from ‘Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, home of the Hustler Honeys'” — Gerstenzang

  • “We held until about 9, then a smaller pool was taken over to Commander’s Palace to watch a bit of the after dinner entertainment provided by Irvin Mayfield, Ambassador to New Orleans and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. We were ushered into a courtyard of the restaurant where rows of chairs had been set up, filled by an assortment of White House staff (Bolten, Hadley), Cabinet secretaries (Chertoff and Guitierrez) prominent local figures like Archbishop Hughes and Norman Francis and big sports stars, including LSU football coach Miles, Deuce McCallister and Reggie Bush, as well as Chris Paul, looking relaxed and buoyant and ready for the Mavs. It looked like an audience of about 100-120.” — Michael Abramowitz, Washington Post

  • “The seven-piece band struck up a verson of ‘Mac the Knife,’ and in a few minutes, the three leaders walked in and the audience rose in applause. Bush sat in the front row, between Calderon and Harper, who found himself next to Drew Brees.” — Abramowitz

  • “The president’s motorcade made a short and uneventful trip from the Mexican Consulate to the Windsor Court Hotel where he met for roughly an hour with President Felipe Calderon of Mexico in a windowless conference room on the 22nd floor. A transcript will come, but the highlights included the president’s remarks on relations with Mexico — ‘sometimes we take them for granted’ — trade and
    cross-border security, including arms trafficking from the United States.” — Steven Lee Myers, The New York Times

  • “President Calderon offered an even stronger defense of NAFTA. Acknowledging it as a campaign issue, he said the increased trade benefited both countries, creating jobs on both sides of the border and decreasing immigration from Mexico. The two presidents sat in front of a flags and a placard advertising the North American Leaders’ Summit, with their aides in two rows. Mr. Calderon spoke at some length before the foreign minister interrupted him to allow a translator to begin. ‘I understood every word,’ Mr. Bush
    said.” — Myers

  • “The president also accepted an invitation to visit South Korea. Mr. Lee said he did not plan to meet with the North Korean leader anytime soon, and when Mr. Bush was asked if he would consider a meeting, he said simply, ‘No.’ Afterwards, they shook hands and walked off. ‘Come on, ladies,’ the president said. And the entourages followed. The last golf car to leave was driven by the Secretary of State, who spoke emphatically to Gordon D. Johndroe, patting her hand on the top of the steering wheel, but she declined a request to speak directly to the pool.” — Myers

  • “Under a cloudless sky the helicopter bearing the President of the Republic of Korea and Mrs. Kim Yoon-ok broke the treelined Camp David around 4 p.m. POTUS and FLOTUS waited behind the Colors. FLOTUS wrapped her green shawl tight around her shoulders and Marines held their lids as the rotor wash laid flat the combed grass. … POTUS and the Kim Yoon-ok headed for one golf cart and the first ladies headed for the second one. In the back seat of each sat a translator. When the leader of the free world offered the controls of Golf One with
    gleaming tires to the president of Korea, Yoon-ok leapt at the opportunity. During a quick drive-by, POTUS said, ‘He’s afraid of my driving.’ With that, they headed off into the wilderness of Camp David for a dinner of roast beef tenderloin, sauteed mushrooms and cheese grits, which is closed to the press.” — Charles Hurt, New York Post

  • “POTUS arrived at Renaissance Hotel shortly after 11 a.m. for the America’s Small Business Summit. … POTUS welcomed the crowd of small business owners. ‘You’re brave souls to be here during tax week,’ he said. He commended them for coming the same week as the Pope’s visit since ‘it will take a miracle to keep the IRS out of your pocket.'” — Hurt