This Week In Pool Reports

Katherine Seelye gives a behind the scenes tour of being in the White House pool.

The pool is on the road… again.

  • “POTUS and President Putin spoke a few minutes to the pool, praising each other and commenting on POTUS’s dancing ability. You’ll see the transcript shortly. Putin, speaking through a translator, welcomed POTUS and said they talked today about their issues in a ‘calmer, working manner.’ POTUS thanked him for the dinner and the entertainment. ‘I’m only happy that our press corps didn’t see me try to dance the dance I was asked to do,’ he said jovially. ‘We have been able to see that you’re a brilliant dancer,’ Putin said. POTUS laughed. ‘Thank you very much. We’ll leave it at that.'” — Peter Baker, The Washington Post

  • “Downstairs were two rooms where we were served an elaborate array of canapes, including some with red caviar. There also was wine and tea and coffee, as well as pastries. One of the rooms housed the biggest pool table your pooler has ever seen. It also has the narrowest pockets.” — John McKinnon, The Wall Street Journal

  • “POTUS then tried his Ukrainian again. ‘Vitay yu vas,’ he told the lunch guests, which translates essentially as “I greet you.” POTUS harkened back to Ukrainian courage in World War II and again during the Orange Revolution. ‘In 2004, Ukrainians inspired the world with the Orange Revolution,’ he said.” — Baker

  • “POTUS made an abrupt and unexpected departure from the summit at 6 p.m. He literally just got up, walked out, got into his car and left without waiting for the rest of the motorcade. He’s now back at the hotel preparing for the evening events, which have been pushed back to give the leaders more time to get ready.” — Baker

  • “No real news, but I am filing a pool report before the SAO briefing because 90 minutes after he was scheduled to leave, POTUS is still at the working dinner and FLOTUS has just left by herself.” — Jon Ward, Washington Times

  • “The lesson of this pool report is that those of you too lazy (or busy) to read the gaggle transcript get a summary.” — Ward