This Week In Pool Reports

Protesters must be getting tired of Bush. It’s like they are not even trying to come up with new signs. It may as well be 2003. And the motorcade makes a questionable rush hour schedule.

  • “While on board, Carlton came back to tell us the decision was made to land the plane at Hagerstown. Fratto later explained that the president had been scheduled to helicopter from Andrews to Camp David, but those plans were cancelled because of the bad weather. It was decided it would be less disruptive to drop the president off in Hagerstown than to motorcade around the Beltway and up I-70 during rush hour in inclement weather, Fratto said. So your pool was in the unusual position of flying aboard the presidential aircraft for a brief time without the president.” — Michael Abramowitz, Washington Post

  • “The pool waited for the president inside Kaleidoscope, an arts and crafts center inside the building that the company makes available to schools. The center is brightly decorated with Disney-like tables in the shapes of flowers, animals and the like. Dozens of kindergarten kids from Horizon Elementary School in Shawnee, Kan., with teachers and helpers, created a cacophony. They wandered around or worked at stations, making puzzles, bags, cards in a sort of free-for-all taking place just above knee level.” — Steven Lee Myers, New York Times

  • “Most barely noticed the president’s arrival, being of the age when markers and scissors and papers merit far greater interest than politics or the president. Several kids, though, made their way to meet him, shaking his hands before returning to their projects. The president glad-handed his way through the crowds, posing with a couple of boys at one point and evidently enjoying himself. Much of the chatting happened out of the pool’s earshot, though the pool heard him ask one girl, ‘Are you having fun here?’ and then answer for her, ‘It’s exciting here.'” — Myers

  • “The president departed the event site at 10:22 a.m., passed about two-dozen protesters (sign: Bush Lied) as the motorcade pulled onto the main street, and arrived at the Tournament Hills gated community at 10:26.” — Jim Gerstenzang, Los Angeles Times

  • “After greeting the crowd and praising Charlotte as a free-market example for America, Cheney spent the first part of his address discussing the economic stimulus package and the state of the economy. The basic message: things are not as bad as they might seem, but nonetheless a short-term boost is needed to avoid long term problems.” — Dan Eggen, Washington Post