This Week In Pool Reports

FLOTUS hits the road with Jenna and Mark Silva in tow. Hilarity ensues — except at home, where POTUS is left to mourn the death of the immigration bill.

  • “Also please note the misspelling of baobob in the early report. It’s baobob. Shoot me. ” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

  • “He looked unusually grim, fiddled with a few pages of papers before him as he talked and engaged in none of the winking and grinning he usually does with reporters even during other serious moments. As he strode away from the lectern, he ignored AP’s Jennifer Loven, who called out to ask him if he felt he should have done more to lobby members of his own party.” — Peter Baker, Washington Post

  • “The weather was picture postcard perfect, the sky all blue, the breeze slight, the air cool, the peacocks strutting with tail feathers tucked in. ‘Hey Mark, you want to come see an ostrich?’ asked Suzanne Malveaux. Indeed I did.” — Silva

  • “And there was more: antelopes roaming about on a far lawn beyond a fence, which appeared to be a private game preserve, antelope, ostrich and more. And did I mention the poop-studded lawn of the palace? The grass was filled with low piles of little globular excrement, a veritable poop-pourri which the pool attempted to dodge as we lined up for the ceremonial arrival, Mrs. Bush, Jenna and her Zambian hosts.” — Silva

  • “On the way in your pooler rubbed shoulders, so to speak, with Jenna Bush, and suggested that this was her big chance for a ‘tell all’ interview. She smiled, patted your pooler’s shoulder and said, ‘I’m just here for my mom.'” — Silva

  • “Bright Star departed Dakar, Senegal at 1:11 pm local time Tuesday, and flew south across the Atlantic Ocean. The ride was fairly bumpy for a long stretch. But the crew of Bright Star makes a mean sushi — a roll, actually — and miso soup and beans (an out of pod experience) and soy sauce and industrial strength wasabi. Topped off with mango sherbet. ” — Silva