This Week In Pool Reports

A slow week in pool reports, but the illustrious Mike Allen makes an appearance and posing with the POTUS brings in less than a pic wit FLOTUS. And, of course, Miss Beasley knows who her master is.

  • “After the speech, the president worked a rope line as your pool was led out. The two-minute ride back to the White House was uneventful. When he exited his limousine, the president was greeted by Miss Beasley, with whom he strolled back to the Oval Office.” — Bartholomew Sullivan, Scripps Howard News Service

  • “With a little help from our friends in the Press Office: Marine One was wheels down from Andrews at 8:05 p.m. The President — wearing blue tie, white shirt and dark suit — was in a jaunty enough mood to wave toward the press pen. Marine One manifest included Air Force General John Pray of the National Security Council; Mr. Rove; Tony Fratto; The Honorable Jason Recher; and Jared Weinstein.” — Mike Allen, The Politico

  • “The fundraiser for New Jersey Republicans was held in a spartan,
    warehouse-sized convention and exposition center in Edison, about 20 minutes south of the airport. New Jersey Republican Party spokesman Todd Riffle said the fundraiser would generate about(dollars) 675,000 and draw about 700 donors. He described it as ‘easily the most successful fundraising event we’ve had since 2001’ in terms of cash. But he didn’t dispute the recollection of one audience member that photos with Laura Bush in 2004 in NJ were going for (dollars) 10,000, while photos with POTUS on Wednesday were going for (dollars) 5,000. Non-photo tickets were (dollars) 300. The money will go to support Republicans running in state legislative races as well as in local races this fall. Riffle at first said that photos had been dropped to (dollars) 3,000 but almost immediately corrected himself and said they were (dollars) 5,000. The concrete-floored room was lined in black cloth, giving the event a somewhat serious feel.” — John D. McKinnon, Wall Street Journal