This Week In Pool Reports

In this week’s pool reports, POTUS is handing out hugs free of charge and we learn that one of his special talents is something called a blanket stitch. We don’t know what it is either.

  • “President Bush told the several thousand attendees at the 26th Annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Service on the Capitol grounds that he brought them a ‘collective hug’ from America. Then he descended the stage and gave out actual hugs — lots of them. He spent an extra hour on top of the time scheduled, working the rope line.” — Julie Mason, Houston Chronicle

  • “A brief interlude in the Oval with President Bush and Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Usual seating in front of the fireplace, large contingent of Swedish press. No questions. Reinfeldt proved himself Bush’s kind of leader by speaking only a few words. As Bush talked about greenhouse gasses, Reinfeldt nodded and smiled.” — Mason

  • “Just prior to that, POTUS and FLOTUS also received a lesson in sailmaking from Josiah Freitus, who insisted that is his real name. Sitting on a bench with his sail and needle in his lap, he gave the Bushes a discourse on how the Royal Navy was setting standards for making sails, and was eventually going to put him out of business (in 1734). Nothing worse than government interference, Mr. Bush cracked. Then Mr. Fenty attempted to show Laura Bush a blanket stitch. I’m sure you have done a blanket stitch before, he told her. Bush shot his wife a look and raised his presidential eyebrows. Then, after a pause for effect, the president said wryly, was just doing one the other day.” — Sheryl Stolberg, New York Times

  • Marine One delivered POTUS, Rove, Crouch, Stanzel, and the rest of the traveling White House contingent to Andrews at 8:58 a.m. AF1 was up by 9:14. Stanzel came back to gaggle but the flight was so short that after a few minutes everybody had to run to their seats because we were literally minutes (like two or three, tops) from landing — proving once again that all of the restrictions on commercial flights are merely part of an
    unnecessary system of control by the airlines.” — Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times

  • “We landed in Pittsburgh just before 9:50. Potus was greeted by local reps, led by ‘fresh-faced’ Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. … No sign of protest during short ride to the event site, a large gymnasium, hoops up. We were at first surprised that we were not offered frosty cold Rolling Rock ponies upon arrival, but alas, the brewery has pulled out of town. Bush appeared in a purple and black robe at 11, and received loud cheers.” — Rutenberg