This Week In Pool Reports

In this week’s episode, President Bush plays doctor and scientist before frolicking in corn stalks. Oh yeah, and there was a speech this week too.

  • “At his first stop in the emergency room, Bush looked at a computer screen reflecting the x-ray of what looked like a damaged elbow. Then he examined a flat screen television monitor above his head, containing charted information about patients in the form of bright, blinking lights: Blood pressure, heart rate, what kinds of tests have been done on which patient, and their medication.” — David Jackson, USA Today

  • “As he exited the first room, Bush pointed at your pool and joked back to the medical professionals: ‘This guy could use a little examinaton here — he’s with the press.’ A member of the presidential entourage was heard suggesting a proctology exam, which the pooler declined.” — Jackson

  • “Best exchange: POTUS held up a beaker of switchgrass, looked directly into the cameras and said, to a DuPont microbiologist, Armando Byrne: Americans need to know that ‘because of the research you’re doing here, with some of their taxpayer dollars, that switchgrass, that can be grown all across America, can end up being made into fuel that powers their automobiles.’ ‘That’s right,’ Byrne said. ‘That’s important.’ Mr. Bush said.” — Sheryl Stolberg, New York Times

  • “Bush and Energy Secretary Sam Bodman spent about 30 minutes touring the greenhouse with DuPont executives, including DuPont CEO Chad Holliday, and various scientists. We could see his head poking through corn stalks in the back of the building.” — Stolberg

  • “Over the roughly 48 minute SOTU address, perhaps the biggest applause lines came at the top (‘Madame Speaker’) and bottom (for NYC subway hero Wesley Autrey). Presumably Sen. Lott will approve of the Democrats’ behavior in during the first SOTU of their new majority; pool heard nothing in the way of catcalls or hisses.” — Gordon Trowbridge, Detroit News