This Week In Facebook: November 2, 2009

-This Week In Facebook Icon-The past week was a big one for Facebook developers who learned about the upcoming platform changes over the next few months. Facebook users also started getting used to the new homepage design which launched a little over a week ago. For this week, the primary stories were all related to new product announcements from Facebook.

Facebook Presents The Developer Roadmap

The biggest news last week was the platform roadmap which was presented at the Facebook Developer Garage in Facebook’s new headquarters. The information presented included formal announcements about the removal of notifications and the launch of a new service called the “Open Graph API” (which I wrote about in more detail here).

Facebook Launches Peace On Facebook

Facebook also launched a really basic landing page called “Peace on Facebook” which uses data from the site to present interesting charts which reflect the state of peace on the site. There wasn’t much information on the page, however one interesting statistic that stood out was that only 7 percent of U.S. users believe peace world peace is achievable within 50 years.

Facebook Launches Share Analytics

One of the biggest product releases from Facebook last week was the “Share Analytics” service which lets developers track how many times a page is shared on Facebook. While there are some minor issues with handling short URLs via the service, this is a huge move forward as the frequency of shared items can contribute to improve search relevancy as well as improve news aggregators.

Facebook Wins Big Spam Settlement

Toward the end of the week, Facebook announced that they had won a $711 million ruling against Sanford Wallace, a well known spammer. While it’s unlikely that Facebook will ever receive a payment from Wallace, it’s a moral victory for Facebook who has been working on the case for months now.