This Charity Swear Jar Does A Little Bit Of Good Every Time You Curse

Does rush hour really &!$$ you off? And you find yourself venting on Twitter? If you’re one of the many who simply can’t sanitize your language in 140 characters, you’re in luck: you can now keep your foul mouth running, while earning money for charity at the same time.

A new app called Swear Jar makes you pay £1 for every curse word you spew to your followers after stubbing your toe.

The money earned from this app goes to UNICEF, which is currently fighting famine in East Africa.

To participate in the Swear Jar, simply sync your Twitter account to the website and it will keep track of your foul-mouthed tweeting. You can pledge any amount you like for each swear, and the money collected will go to UNICEF.

The campaign is also using the expletive-ridden #fuckfamine hashtag to promote its cause. And, in case you were wondering why this campaign is promoting swearing on Twitter, here’s the official explanation:

  • Because swearing is frigging funny.
  • Because swearing is something people do on Twitter.
  • Because it’s a little bit controversial, and so will draw attention to the issue.

If you are uncomfortable with cursing for charity but still want to do some good, the campaign has included words like “awesome”, “synergy” and “epic” as part of the swear jar collections.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a leaderboard with the “Top Bl0*dy Swearers” listed. Currently, top five swearers all boast between 130 and 250 swears.

(top image: jcjgphotography via Shutterstock)