This Blogger's 10 Seconds to Fame Courtesy of the Rotorblog

Not so long ago, I wrote about 16 social networking sites for pet and pet lovers since I’ve noticed that these niche have been growing pretty well and was wondering how could this be possible. A couple of weeks ago, an article in Time Magazine also pointed this fact. And this article was picked up by the editor of a local news program in the Manila, Philippines – GMA News and asked on of his news correspondents to write a piece about the proliferation of social networking sites for pets and pet lovers.

The GMA News Reporter, Tricia Zafra (we’re not related by the way) chanced upon my article when Googling for materials for her assigned news features and sent an email to Maris Dagis. Maris then forwarded the email to me and I contacted Tricia.

To cut the long story short, we agreed to do the interview somewhere in the city (in a popular coffee shop in Manila) and there, Tricia asked me some social networking-related questions. Specifically, she wanted to find out how big social networking sites for pet and pet lovers are, both internationally and locally.

Of course, social networking sites for pets and pet lovers is not that big yet in the Philippines. I could only name one network but it is more of a network of pet lovers, rather than a social networking site. Internationally, the scene is different. In fact, we’ve covered 16 of these social networking sites and I’m sure there are more out there.

Anyway, to cut the excitement and to get down to the point of this post, here’s the short clip of the interview conducted to me by GMA News about social networking sites, thanks to my exposure here at Rotorblog. There is a also a transcript of the interview posted at GMA News Online. Read the article here.