Thinking Green: Polar Bears and Portland

Kudos to the team at O’Dwyer PR blog for covering two important pieces of environmental news with significant PR elements:

Environmental Groups Prevail in Polar Bear Lawsuit

The Bush Administration today suffered its biggest loss on the environmental front as U.S. District Court Judge Claudia Wilken ruled that the Interior Dept. must follow existing law and decide whether or not the polar bear is an endangered species due to climate change. That’s right. The Government must follow the law. How refreshing.

Portland Creates “Green” Travel PR Position

Travel Portland, the non-profit that markets Oregon’s capital region to business and leisure travelers, has created what must be one of the first green jobs in travel PR.

In announcing the creation of the “public relations manager, sustainability,” position on Friday, TP said it has promoted media relations staffer Veronique Meuneier to tout the area’s “green” highlights.

Do you have “green” PR related news? Send it our way.