Think Your Job May Be on Pink Slip List? Here are Four Clues

pink slipIf you’ve been on the chopping block, perhaps you’ve seen the pink slip signs coming. You know, the ones which reveal themselves to you in due time like colleagues who start rescheduling meetings with you three and four times.

Well, according to The Wall Street Journal, their list of warning signs is pretty much on track with what we’ve seen, too.

1. Your boss refuses to discuss your long-term projects. If your supervisor starts delaying meetings and eliminates talking about your long-term projects and/or future with the company, that’s a huge red flag. Be sure to observe shifts in his or her behavior and decision-making processes.

2. Colleagues shun you. As pointed out in the piece, it’s always a queasy feeling when colleagues stop making eye contact with you and start excluding you from emails, meetings and even daily trips to get that late afternoon cup of coffee.

Subtle clues may be beckoning you since some of these people may in tight with leadership.

3. An executive coach gets assigned to work with you. If this blog post had a sound effect, it would be this: ZZZZZZZZONNNNNNNK. Okay, while we know that isn’t exactly a word, it is the sound of a huge door shutting with blinking red lights telling you it’s game over. If a company is sponsoring a coach for you because “they care,” think again.

The piece points out:

“In early 2012, a major insurer brought in a coach for a senior compliance officer after he clashed with a peer. Six colleagues previously assigned coaches had left soon afterward. The insurer forced him to retire last year. ‘The coaching was all perfunctory,’ he adds.”

4. You must justify your job. If you’ve ever had to do this, it’s okay to nod in agreement. We’ve been there, done that as well. You start documenting not only what you do but how you do it knowing at the time that you’re creating a blueprint for your replacement.