They’re Just Not That Into You: Venting For Jobseekers And Interviewers Alike

Need a laugh? Clueless people—both jobseekers and hiring managers—abound on They’re Just Not That Into You, a of sorts for true tales of job interviews gone horribly wrong.

Top stories currently on the site:

“When asked if working long hours posed a problem for her, she responded by telling me she was prepared to work as many hours at it took to do the job – so long as she didn’t have to work them from the office and that she was allowed to leave everyday before it got dark outside. She told me she was afraid of the dark and couldn’t go outside after sunset.”

“A sales candidate told me that he was looking to change jobs because in his current job he was traveling about 90% of the time. He could have left it at that but he added, ‘Trying to get my wife pregnant between trips is not working out – I even had her meet me at the airport one time because I was only going to be in town for a couple hours.'”

“20 years ago, I was invited to an interview at one of the large US automakers research labs in Detroit. The recruiter had set up the interview on behalf of the hiring manager and made all the travel arrangements, Excellent flight arrangements and had ordered an airport pickup with one of their stretch limos (they had a stretch limo desk just for setting uop Limo rides!). Nice trip into the office, except there wasn’t anyone at the other end to interview me! No recruiter, no hiring manager! The poor front office people did not have a clue as to what to do with me and I did not know what else to do except keep trying to contact the recruiter who could not be reached by office phone or home phone! This was pre-cell phone days and those were the only options! But the return stretch limo to the airport was ready and the flight back was excellent also. This one is going bankrupt and am I surprised at all? Not in the least bit! What a company!”

They say laughter’s the best medicine…