TheWrap Wrangles One-Time Premiere Power List Builder

Fred Schruers, who joins TheWrap in mid-July as senior writer, definitely knows his way around a high-powered celebrity interview. His experience with Hollywood’s A-list started at Rolling Stone magazine, encompassing the likes of Michael Douglas, Sandra Bullock, and John Travolta, and later continued apace at Premiere magazine.

Since TheWrap rival The Hollywood Reporter has basically re-invented itself in print as a weekly version of Premiere, it will be interesting to see how Schruers is able to inject himself into the current Hollywood trades quadrangle (perhaps even helping TheWrap edge into print somehow?). As a member of Premiere‘s west coast bureau team, Schruers was a key contributor to the mag’s influential annual Power List overseen by Susan Lyne.

More recently, Schruers was writing for the highly touted, quickly shuttered Portfolio magazine. Here for example is a piece he wrote in January 2008 about how the writers strike was impacting LA.

Buried at the end of this morning’s Schruers announcement by Sharon Waxman is the separate news that Columbia University graduate Lucas Shaw will also be joining TheWrap in mid-July as the website’s media reporter. He had been interning for the site. Way to go Lucas!