These 3 Social Media-Themed Products Take ‘Screen Printing’ to the Next Level

We’ve heard of Web 2.0, but Print 2.0? From Twitter posters to Facebook albums, here are three social media-themed products printed straight from the screen.

1. Facebook Business Cards

This Web app from takes pictures from your Facebook profile or company page timeline and creates a custom business card that’s as nerdy as it is practical.   The front looks like the top of your timeline, while the back contains your tagline and contact information.  You can tweak the images and text to customize the cards. It’s quite literally your Facebook page, in print. Right now, they’re giving away 50 free business cards per page, plus a fee for shipping. Non-promotional packages start at $19.99 and vary with paper quality and quantity ordered.

2. Social Media Albums and Greeting Cards

Kaptur compiles pictures from your Facebook profile and those of your friends to capture a special event from multiple perspectives. To use the app, log in with Facebook, select a date range, choose which friends or albums you want to search, and (unlike on Facebook) keep only the ones you like. The pictures can be bound into a photo album or printed on cards. The cool thing about the cards is that you can either print multiple copies of the same photograph, or mix it up. The albums are about forty bucks and the cards start at $1.49 each, plus shipping.

3. Social Media Propaganda Posters

Here’s something for your real wall. From the Etsy shop of Massachusetts artist Aaron Wood come these social media-themed posters that look just like the propaganda posters the world’s dictators made to get us pumped up for the last world war. What are you trying to tell us about social media, Mr. Wood? The posters cost $8.50 plus shipping; the pastoral depiction of FarmVille’s hold on Facebook is priceless.

Source: via Suzanne on Pinterest

We also found some fabulous shoes from Venezuelan graphic designer Lumen Bigott. See how they capture the essence of Wikipedia and other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. Sadly, they’re not for sale.