There’s Nothing Wrong With Applying For Jobs From Your iPhone, Unless……

Here’s a letter sent to a PR firm that is a lesson in what not to do:

I am a student from XXX State University I plan on graduating this spring and was very interested in applying at your firm. My major is public but I have had experience in advertisement, campaign management, and social media. I will of course sent you a portfolio and resume upon my graduation I just find it appropriate to contact you early. I extremely respect your business and I feel I have the ability to add to your already sterling reputation.
Thank You
Sent from my iPhone

The recipient of this email, Gil Rudawsky, said that it “shows laziness” to send a letter from an iPhone and that it’s the “ultimate insult.” Really? The genericness of the letter, the terrible spelling and grammar, and the lack of research weren’t insulting, but the fact that the student sends emails from his phone is an insult?

We’re gonna go out there and say that sending an email from your iPhone to apply for a job isn’t inherently bad. Hell, perhaps it will make you look even more interested (“I just saw this job posting and couldn’t wait to get to my computer to apply!”). This letter wouldn’t improve any by having been sent from a computer, we promise you that much.

One thing to keep in mind: Obviously, the Autocorrect features on iPhones and other smartphones do lend themselves to some hilarious typos. And it can be harder to proofread on such a small screen. Know your own limitations. If the emails you send to family are riddled with mistakes because your fingers can’t hit those tiny virtual keys, as ours often cannot, think twice about using the smartphone to apply for a job, obviously. But you could always draft an email (delete any addresses in the To: field to make sure you don’t accidentally send it) and save it for review later, or let a friend look over it.