There Must Be a Better Way

There Must Be a Better Way


I’ll say this: UnBeige readers love their coffee. And their coffee makers. My coffee post yesterday generated a lot of advice and feedback via email. My Polychrome pal Tom Dolan found a new object of consumer desire when he checked my link to the Apartment Therapy site: apparently he can’t stop thinking about the Rowenta coffee maker designed by Jasper Morrison

Somehow, with everything else I have going on in my life, I found myself in front of a computer monitor last night helping Antony decide between replacing his beloved Francis Francis with a new, clearly inferior (aesthetically speaking at least) model or throwing Francis over entirely for the hot looking KitchenAid machine.

Reader email included Christian Moerk (of FishbowlNY fame) weighing in about his Nespresso (warning scary musical flashness at that link) machine:

My espresso maker is Nespresso, model D-150. Dirt cheap, not hard to look at and makes a perfect $0.75 cup every time. ‘Sides, those Swiss have a 24-hr hotline and will send you a loaner for free if your machine breaks down. Now, does that seem like Norman Rockwell-land, or what?

Reader Tisha, and my Well pal Lisa Church both agreed with Antony’s Bialetti recommendation. But here’s the thing, as much as I love espresso, in the morning, philistine that I am, I like a plain old American style cup of coffee. OK, well, with foamy milk, which is clearly creating some issues for me at the homestead as evidenced by the picture taken in my kitchen this morning illustrates. Stop laughing at me, OK?