Turns Tricks for politico


Please break up with your website. It’s not you. It’s the site…

It doesn’t play nice with your journos. It wants to work for free and I’m pretty sure it’s pimping out your articles to politico.

This, ladies and gentleman is exactly why “Fisher-Price My First Websites” are killing media organizations all over the country. Take Note.

Today, The Hill’s J. Taylor Rushing posted an exclusive about Sen. Vitter at 1.38pm. Almost an hour later, politico’s Glenn Thrush summarized (and credited) The Hill’s article. Right now Thrush’s headline is on politico’s homepage and has scored over twenty comments.

Because The Hill’s site and homepage display posts according to their ‘time published,’ to reach Rushing’s exclusive you must click twice and scan through a list of old links.

And just like “that,” Rushing’s article is turning tricks for politico profit.

Hill Website.jpg