The Zen of D. Shuster

There he was – in the flesh. And though we’d written about MSNBC’s suspended correspondent David Shuster many times, there was something surreal and dizzying about meeting him face to face.

FishbowlDC had spotted faux David Shusters at the last three events we attended. So we had to be sure. After pointing the zoom lens at him from across the room at the NJ launch party at an E Street warehouse space Thursday night, the would-be Shu gestured me over. Would he be angry or friendly? I inched slowly.

Shuster fact #1: His contract with NBC is up in December. He will not return after being suspended in April.

D. Shuster was friendly and smiling. He posed for a picture. But Brooke Brower, a MSNBC “Hardball” producer who was chatting with him, looked like he was getting a migraine at the idea of them posing together.

Shuster had questions and confessions. Let’s talk confessions.

He says he’s enjoying life right now “as is”– he’s in grad school at Georgetown University to earn a Master’s in Public Policy. He’s “volunteering” and speaking to journalism students, something he says he’d do full time if he could. The volunteering involves his old summer camp in upstate New York, which he won’t name but calls “hippie camp.” Summer camp is not a time he’ll speak of freely. What did he do there? He hems and haws and says he did what boys do at summer camp — swimming, tennis, and such.

A Shuster admission…

The newsman was in Europe a few months ago when he received word that his car in Georgetown had gotten a boot. He learned via FishbowlDC, which he said was both frightening (was he being followed?) and helpful (he paid his bills online).

Does Shuster want to return to TV? “That’s a loaded question,” he replies.

Shuster fact #2: We hear Shuster is shopping for a job. He recently contacted a Washington bureau chief of a TV network. He wants to apply for a position, even one that has him broadcasting online.

Until next time, D. Shuster. He promised to talk with us again soon.