The World Gives a Sneak Peek at a Part of Cooper-Hewitt’s New Exhibit


An interesting bit we heard today on NPR/PRI‘s terrific show, The World, a story about he Kinkajou Microfilm Projector (audio link), which seeks to bring books to developing countries by way of projected images, thereby overcoming the two hurdles faced in battling literacy: 1) printing can be prohibitively expensive and it’s difficult to make sure shipments of literature reach their intended destinations and 2) even having light in which to read by can be nearly impossible in certain areas. There’s lots more info here on the Design That Matters site, should you want to read up. The show itself was covering the story not simply because it’s interesting, but because it’s one of the items that will be on display come today (May 4th) at the Cooper-Hewitt‘s new exhibit, “Design for the Other 90%.”