The Who’s Who? Of Newspapers

Oh, Washingtonians are just going to love this.

Conceding that “People like to read about people,” The Wall Street Journal announced that they will begin featuring an index of people prominently mentioned in that day’s newspaper (World War III may burst out between the rich and powerful over what exactly defines “prominently”).

Said WSJ Managing Editor Paul Stieger: “We’re going to go with more names and a device that will help people if they or their best friends or worst enemies are somewhere in the paper.”


Here in DC, where there’s both an ‘i’ in Washington and a ‘me’ in government, where names are always boldfaced and where books are given the Washington Read, this kind of index will be greeted with near universal praise.

Morning breakfasts will never be the same. We can just see it now:

Over Cheerios, a man flips to WSJ’s Marketplace section, runs his finger down the name index and mutters “Blitzer, Blitzer, Blitzer…ah, there I am. Lovely.”