Wall Street Journal Editor on WSJ Live: ‘This Is A Beast We Want To Feed’

In the short amount of time since WSJ Live launched — barely three weeks ago — the interactive video news app from The Wall Street Journal has already skyrocketed to the top of the charts at Apple’s App Store and been hailed as a “milestone product.” This is making the editors at the Journal very happy.

The app brings live video coverage from the paper’s editorial staff to readers via the iPad, Internet-ready TVs and set-top boxes. Even better, the app is free. (For more, see the profile our sister site FishbowlNY posted.)

“This is a beast we want to feed,” said Neil McIntosh, deputy editor of the Journal‘s Europe edition. “WSJ Live is a big, big step journalistically and editorially.”

I had the opportunity to briefly chat with McIntosh earlier today when he came to speak at a postgraduate class I am taking at Goldsmiths, University of London. McIntosh said he and other editors are “gushing with pride” at WSJ Live’s accomplishments so far and that this is only the beginning.

“We want to do more,” he said.

So what else can we expect from WSJ Live? For one thing, there will be even more video, according to McIntosh. Specifically, more video coming from the Europe edition. The Journal is also still tinkering with what is the best way to  share programming and video content.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any more detailed scoops out of McIntosh on other future features coming out on WSJ Live. Part of that may be because the app is so new and its success has been somewhat of a surprise to the Journal‘s editors. When it launched, McIntosh said, the Journal considered it a soft launch and its immediate success has been somewhat of a shock, albeit a welcome one.

Either way, this is definitely an innovation worth keeping an eye on.

Do you use WSJ Live? What else would you like to see in the app?