The VES Ranks Their Top 50, Light Saber Fans Everywhere Gloat


Just a bit of fun to start off this Monday: the Visual Effects Society, a group comprised off all those keyframe jockeys who make fake stuff look like it’s real, have just announced the VES 50 (pdf link), their members’ picks of the most important effects work in film since the start of the medium. It’s to coincide with the upcoming VES Festival of Visual Effects, come June 7-10. There’s nothing really surprising in the list, as you’ve got your Star Wars in there (ranked #1), your 2001, and your Planet of the Apes. But it’s still interesting to run through all 50, not really to remember the effects themselves, but how incredible they seemed at the time and how, even as a lowly audience member, you realized that you were witnessing a big change in what was now possible. We’re, of course, talking about Mary Poppins (#32).