The Ultimate Facebook Spill

Salon owner and makeup artist Erwin Gomez has officially become  the salon owner “Formerly known as Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa.

This afternoon on Facebook, Gomez’s ex, James Packard, hosts the ultimate townhall heartbreak of Facebook spills to salon staff and guests as he explains in vomit format the announcement that Gomez has quit and left his own spa. The part of scorned lover is played by Packard himself. (The couple pictured here in happier times.)

As some may remember, Gomez is forever entwined in the Salahi scandal because he was subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury about the White House party crashers. Michaele Salahi spent some seven hours at the salon the day of the White House state dinner that she and husband, Tareq, crashed.

A lengthy but worth it excerpt after the jump…

“I have heard that many of you have inquired why I have not been around lately, and the simple answer is I was informed by both Erwin & Sab back in March/April 2010 that if I came back into the salon that Erwin would quit. This all came about after the discovery of some questionable management decisions in my absence and the lack of transparency. This has all brought me much pain and frankly speaking after 14 years of being with someone and then hearing “I quit” after investing over five plus million has really shaken the ground I walk on. Even though Erwin did not make any monetary contribution to the start up of the company, I gave Erwin a 49 per cent stake in the Company because I loved him. For most of us, this would have been a chance of a lifetime. I feel it is only appropriate to fill you all in on a little known fact that was not told to any of you by me, though Erwin may have told some of you. In less than three months after the salon was opened on December 11, 2006, Erwin told me in front of Sab and our dear friend Natalie that he no longer wanted to be in a relationship with me. This truly left me speechless, especially after losing my business partner of 15 years, but like all professionals I tried to carry on as if nothing was bothering me, though I felt betrayed. We agreed to continue as a couple for the public and the new company, since I had just finished getting Erwin and the salon out of an eight-month battle with Erwin’s previous employer that almost bankrupted us. We mutually agreed on that day that to stray from this would potentially send the wrong image –that we were not united as a team or family unit. Erwin and I continued these efforts jointly until the Washington Post wrote in November 2008 that the socialite favorite darlings are “together but not together, together”.

“…I have always wanted the best for you even if I didn’t always tell you. Erwin Gomez is simply a name on the door. The true blood and soul is the combination of a great recipe. It takes all the ingredients to make the cream rise to the top.”

He signs off, writing, “I wish every one of you a happy holiday Sincerely, James Packard-Gomez CEO Of the now: FORMERLY KNOWN AS ERWIN GOMEZ SALON & SPA.”