The Troubles of Being Popular

Well it looks like Bill Gates has had enough of Facebook. After becoming addicted and spending hours a day on the site he has decided to call it quits. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bill Gates has stopped using the site. He had over 8,000 friend requests and too many group invites to handle.

Bill Gates should give Robert Scoble a call and see how he is able to manage such popularity. While Bill Gates is a unique case, an increasing number of people will experience similar problems as their personal social graph expands to an unmanageable level. Â Last week I discussed the challenges of social media overload.

If you read the Wall Street Journal article you may start to think that social networking is going out of style really quick. Once you add enough friends on your social network sites, you will soon never have a lack of people to follow-up with and send keep in touch messages to. Perhaps social networking is only a fad and we will soon see a backlash as people experience social media fatigue. Have you considered deleting your Facebook profile?