The Story Behind Facebook's "Secret" Audio Application

-Music Player Icon-Last week I wrote that Facebook may be launching an audio product given the addition of audio within the page insights area. I reached out to Facebook for comment and found out that this wasn’t actually a soon to be released product, but instead an audio product that already exists. The “Music Player” application originally launched with pages and lets you upload songs for your fans to listen to.

While I wouldn’t exactly call this a robust application, it provides enough support for you to at least get songs posted on your page. This tool would be most useful for musicians. I haven’t really seen many pages that take advantage of this application for anything outside of music promotion. As I alluded to in the previous article, it would make a lot of sense for Facebook to release a more robust audio application.

There are currently a number of “podcast” applications which let you upload audio to your Page, but there aren’t any popular applications that let you post custom audio to your friend’s wall. While not all people prefer to communicate via audio, the concept of being able to post audio messages to your friends’ walls sounds cool to me for some reason.

For the time being, this application is to those individuals that want to post audio to their Facebook Page. While this application doesn’t appear to let people post audio to their stream, there’s a relatively large number of people that have taken advantage of the basic features provided. Right now there are over 200,000 fans of the application, but we don’t know the exact number of users since Facebook doesn’t report those numbers for this application.

Do you think an audio application would be useful? Have you used the “Music Player” application on your Facebook Page?