The Start of Venice Architecture Biennale Preview Week(s)


Despite being in the middle of Italy’s strange little war on modernism, the Venice Architecture Biennale exhibition kicks off in short order come mid-September, then running through around Thanksgiving before it folds up so everyone in Venice can prep for the more well-known, much larger art/design version next year. The Biennale’s site has a series of interesting pieces by the people running the show, including some essays, a lengthy list of who all will be there, and some history lessons on just what all of this new stuff will mean in the context of architecture’s heritage. And because it’s right in their backyard, designboom has launched what we figure will quickly become a regular series, with their first preview post on the Spanish Pavilion, which looks to be a doozie and sure to make lots of anti-modernists’ blood boil. We look forward to more. Stick it to ’em Venice!