The Spat Heard Around the Speaker’s Lobby

Things are heating up on Capitol Hill, which is the normal state of affairs between reporters and flacks who walk that delicate line of needing information and provoking the steaming rage of their sources.

And so the chatter amongst Hill reporters and leadership press flacks these days is of a widely known spat between House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor‘s spokesman Brad Dayspring and Politico reporter Jake Sherman. Last Thursday in the Speaker’s lobby, Dayspring, who is both liked and known to be something of a hothead with reporters, stormed in and was heard proclaiming that the reporter was cut off from the Cantor’s office and “done” (meaning, done with the conversation). Reporters on the scene marveled that Dayspring did this during a vote. Several reporters and flacks witnessed the spat.

Dayspring denied threatening to cut Sherman off. He told FBDC that he was concerned by some of Politico‘s coverage of his boss. “He has a job to do and I have a job to do,” said Dayspring. “We can have honest disagreements about things. I like Jake and Eric [Cantor] has a good relationship with him. We have a relationship. We’re not going to like every story.”

This week, it appears, the relationship between Dayspring and Sherman is back on track. Today Sherman attended a GOP event in Richmond with colleague Jonathan Allen. Dayspring is even playful with Sherman and comes bearing nicknames. He tweeted Wednesday that Sherman and Allen were “Yogi and Boo Boo.” He wrote, “Huddle Roadshow: Yogi & Boo Boo-aka @JakeSherman & @jonallendc arrive @GOPLeader jobs forum in VA.”

Sherman wouldn’t comment on ever being threatened about access to Cantor’s office, but said that obviously he has not been cut off. “Brad and I work very well together,” he said. “Brad and I deal with each other a lot and have for several years.”

A source familiar with Sherman’s thinking (a good one, we know) said, “Jake and Brad work well together. Jake appreciates the humor in the Boo Boo analogy. Their ability to joke around like that is just an example of their capacity to work together in a way that’s appropriate for a staffer and a journalist.” What’s more, this thinker inside Sherman’s brain, added, “Jake thinks Brad’s a good guy and was defending his boss.”