The Social Media Week That Was

Social Media Week comes to a close today. If you’ve missed anything, you can check out our coverage here, here, and here, as well as this week’s Media Beat with SMW executive director Toby Daniels. Our Mediabistro colleagues have also been following the activity.

Andy Morris, partner and principal of The Morris + King Company, sent over a few of his observations about the week. The firm was involved in a few events, including Wednesday’s discussion “Social Media Marketing: Moving from Experimentation to Results.”

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Audiences at the NYC conference, which included a lot of out-of-towners,  were large, engaged, and on time, according to Morris. He also noted traditional media’s embrace of social media and the success of the “open platform conference model.”

“Letting go of control issues and letting audiences and participants do some of the programming lifting ensures awesome diversity,” he wrote to us in an e-mail.

Finally, he commented on the “social media addiction” thread that ran through a few of the conference discussions.

“In disparate circumstances, I have seen more than a few references to and discussions of social media addiction,” he wrote.  “Hashable’s Mike Yavonditte suggested that many may check their smartphone as many times as 500/day and it occurred to me that I am one of them!!  Perhaps next year, formal studies may be presented on this topic…”