The Sims 3 Sees Strong iPhone Sales in First Month

iphone_sims3We recently previewed the iPhone version of the Sims 3, marking yet another push by EA into more social spaces.

According to one of the project’s producers, Justin Taber, the mobile Sims 3 was a “huge initiative with our best team inside EA Mobile.” In fact, the production was one of the biggest undertakings to date, and was meant to be a test to see if big budget productions were worth while on the Apple platform. The question is now: Was it?

The iPhone and iPod Touch renditions of Sims 3, at the cost of $9.99, reached the #1 spot for paid apps within a mere two days of launch. Not only that, but it did so in 37 different countries worldwide, making it the third EA game to reach that position.

In addition to the mobile sales, the regular version sold over 1.4 million copies for the PC and Mac platforms within the first week despite the pirating issue the company had a few days prior to launch (according to the reports, an estimated 200,000 illegal downloads were tallied). Regardless, this marks one of the best PC launches in EA’s long history.

Curiously enough players have continued to add to these numbers with over 7 million downloads of player created content. This includes everything from houses to stories to even the Sims themselves. Though this is player content, it certainly suggests the extraordinarily potent potential for virtual goods within the franchise. While we cannot speak for the PC/Mac versions, hopefully updates for the iPhone’s 3.0 software will include such.

However, despite the successful launch, a number of fans have voiced their disappointment with some of the features that they felt were missing. Of all the game mechanics in question, many were most adamant about the player’s inability to be “god-like” as they were in The Sims 2. Furthermore, there has been no news beyond the vague 3.0 update to suggest whether or not EA will be adding said features with future expansions, patches, or other downloadable content.