The Shortcomings in Tokyo’s ADC Awards (and Shows in General)


Jean Snow passed us along to Tokyo Art Beat‘s piece “Six Ways the 2007 Art Director’s Club Awards at GGG Could Be Improved.” In it, they’re talking about the recent awards show at the ADC there. It’s interesting enough on its own, particularly if you happened to attend yourself, but for the rest of us, it’s a very telling piece about design awards in general, particularly in critiques like:

3. Provide context.

Design has made big gains in the public consciousness in the last few years, but too few non-designers have enough familiarity with design’s purpose and process to determine why a particular object has been chosen for distinction and whether it deserves that distinction.

An exhibition like the ADC could do a lot more to put non-designers in the know. How about accompanying each piece with a 50-word project brief?

It’s things like that that are universal. How many times have you been to events or shows or anything in between and wondered, “Yeah, it’s nice, but why was it chosen?” We know we have.