The Scoop on Crowdsourced Performance Reviews

If you’re accustomed to a traditional performance review, it may be time to adjust your thinking.

Eric Mosley, author of The Crowdsourced Performance Review, tells The New York Post the traditional annual review as we know it “remains frozen in time.”‘

He explains:

“There have been revolutions in knowledge and information management over the past 50 years, but areas within human resources, like performance reviews, have changed surprisingly little. Crowdsourcing has fundamentally changed the perception of value in the business world today. Incorporating this technology and approach to performance reviews via social recognition gives HR leaders the data they need to more accurately measure employee performance.”

From a human resources perspective, he says crowdsourcing entails hearing from everyone within the organization. Input is shared on a technological platform but managed privately internally within the company.

While pointing out the result is “a more accurate view into true employee performance,” he says it also offers benefits such as taking into account more than one person’s opinion rather than relying solely on the boss.

“One manager simply cannot see an employee’s total activities. Multiple people, however, can collectively produce a more accurate and nuanced picture. By crowdsourcing ongoing feedback and recognition, HR leaders can gain a clearer, more holistic view of an employee’s performance.”

As for how he thinks HR directors will embrace the change of thinking and consequently the change in process, Mosley points out there’s inevitably a learning curve involved. If HR leadership decides the return on investment will result in a higher level of corporate performance, they’ll see “it’s worth the investment.”