The Scoop on AT&T iPhone Plans

The Associated Press came through with the final numbers on the iPhone plans. Up until now, all we knew were the iPhone prices – $499 and $599 – but nothing about how much it would cost each month.

Turns out it’s not so bad. Here’s the rundown, courtesy of the AP:

– Wireless service for the iPhone: $59.99, $79.99 and $99.99
– $59.99 monthly plan includes 450 minutes of voice time
– $79.99 plan includes 900 minutes, $99.99 has 1,350 minutes
– All 3 offer 200 text messages; there is a $36 activation fee

Still no word on how we’re supposed to keep the iPhone free of fingerprints.

Apple, AT&T unveil iPhone service plans [AP via CNN]