The Scoble-Facebook Ban, Maybe Not Such a Bad Idea?


Maybe it’s the way a crowd and/or angry mob works, but you can probably tell on this site that parts of us really enjoy when blogger Robert Scoble gets picked on, as does nearly everyone else it seems. We feel for the guy and think he’s probably very nice in person, but we also get a giddy thrill with things like yesterday, which we learned about by way of Airbag, when the popular The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs by Fake Steve, announced that a petition/group has been made to ban Scoble from Facebook, relevant because he was just recently removed by the social networking site for trying to capture his own contact information, then almost immediately put back on once the story started getting picked up and circulated, creating some fairly negative press. The post also shows the sheer power of Fake Steve:

Well it’s happened. The “ban Robert Scoble from Facebook” group has been created. Apple faithful, let your voices be heard. Go here and vote to keep Robert Scoble banned from Facebook. Much love to dear reader Ted for doing what needed to be done. All I did was ask, and boom! Like that, it happened.

Dear Unbeige reader, when we snap, will you come to attention? When we ask you to jump, will you ask “how high”? We really wish you would. We have a very, very limited supply of power and your Fake Steve-like submission would help us immensely.