The Saddest Little Blog That Nobody Ever Loved


Over at Poynter Online, Anne Van Wagener acknowledges that there are a lot of design blogs out there: “Most of us don’t have the time or desire to spend all day weeding through all of them, so I’ve done it for you,” she writes. But maybe she should have just sent her readers to Designers Who Blog and saved herself twenty minutes.

Not only did she leave out the Cooper-Hewitt-honored Speak Up, she forgot massive bloggerama forces like Coudal, Core77, Typographica, and the people behind Zeldman/A List Apart who invented the whole design blogging thing.

She also left out little old us. We would have looked pretty good in the Check Daily category, right after Interactive Narratives (can someone explain this one to us?) and before the nice folks at Be A Design Group.

What a way to ruin our long weekend.