The Rose Garden Rodent Discussed at Presser


This morning we brought you the ABC blog post about the rodent spotted in the Rose Garden Thursday. Well, this afternoon that mousy creature at the White House is surfacing again as White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs discusses it at a press briefing with reporters clamoring to know more.

GIBBS: Reggie says field mouse, I said based on the size of the photograph, …my sense is that Reggie has lived in some houses with field mouses. …Again, judging the size of the animal, based on the diameter of the seal, I gotta tell you that’s a rat. Where I’m from that’s a rat and I’ll treat it as such.

Reporters told Gibbs it was a vole.

Gibbs: It’s a vole. What’s a vole?

Q 152: Can the park service give us an answer?

GIBBS: If we didn’t have so many people in the Gulf…

Reporter:What’s the President want done about it?

Gibbs: That I better not get into.

GIBBS: It’s definitely not a mouse, I’ve seen a mouse and they’re not nearly that big, but I am now going to go Google ‘vole’ and see if John Holdren is around.

Remarked CBS’s Mark Knoller: I know mice. and I know rats. That was no rat. In fact – it bore a great resemblance to a beloved rodent from my youth – Sniffles the Mouse. (Sniffles is pictured above). He also tweeted: “The debate of the Rose Garden rodent continues. We’ll just have to catch it and demand to see its papers.”

Watch C-SPAN’s video of the presser below: