The Rookie Guide to Freelancing

Rookie Freelancing

New to the freelancing game? Even if writing is your passion, going solo can be terrifying.

First tip: Don’t think of it as “going solo.” One of the most important parts of freelancing is building connections with your fellow peers, writers and media professionals. Don’t be intimidated; there are people who want to help.

In the latest Mediabistro feature, freelance writer Amanda Low advises:

Be professional before you get personal: turn in assignments as early as possible, respond promptly and succinctly to emails, and unless you’ve just lost your fingers in a freak chainsaw accident, don’t make excuses. And for the love of Shakespeare, always use proper grammar and punctuation.

For more tips on pitching etiquette and staying organized, read The Rookie Guide to Freelancing.

Sherry Yuan

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