The Redesign That Went Flat


Big news this week in the world of sport, is that fancy new NBA ball, supposedly redesigned for absolute perfect play and released earlier in the year, is getting a recall and the league is going back to the regular ol’ one come January 1st. Here’s from the Berkshire Eagle quoting the AP story:

Touhey, the vice president of marketing for the Springfield-based sporting goods manufacturer, said he believes there is still a need and a desire to improve the ball. When that happens, Spalding will be open to using the two-panel design developed by Lenox marketing firm Winstanley Associates. “We think it will still be redesigned. Nothing has changed,” Touhey said. “In our mind, the current ball is still not the best product we can offer. We think the process will continue.”

And related, Sports Illustrated has a little bit more info about the ball, but uses that to launch into other failed ideas in sports. Some fun stuff in there.