The Real Story of the Week: Thundercats


Wow, it’s been difficult finding things to write about today. Every site, every single dang site he regularly visits, including our own, had to talk about this stupid phone. Sure, this writer looked, saw it, said, “Neat, a new phone, ipod thing” but then promptly moved on. But maybe that’s just because he’s a little afraid of the cult. Regardless, thank heavens for 30gms who had yet to post anything starting with a lowercase “i” and instead had up something far more pertinent to everyone’s lives: the Thundercats’ new look. Here’s some:

I see that the new look Liono (main character) has adopted a more skewed look and a bit younger may I add. The basic colour scheme is about the same (red hair, blue suit) but the costume has changed which to be honest with you I understand (it’s kind of tough to look at a hero in his underwear in this day and age) it’s amazing how times and tastes have changed – as its out with the 1980’s muscle middle age and in with the teen,slim Pokemon version. I dont mind the new interpretation of Liono.