The Questions




Following the departure of Tim Curran at Roll Call, some thoughts…

How do Roll Call’s losses affect The Hill / Roll Call match-up, if at all?

Roll Call has lost some top talent. So has The Hill. And, yes, Roll Call has made some good hires. So has The Hill.

We still need to wait and see who else Roll Call will hire to fill their openings (and The Hill may have a hire or two up their sleeve as well).

It should be noted (as we’ve noted before) that these Roll Call losses are, in some ways, a backhanded compliment: “After all, it sure seems as if the Post consistently looks to Roll Call when they’re shopping around for political talent…”

And since money makes the world go round, this week’s papers have demonstrated that Roll Call continues to best The Hill when it comes to advertisements.

That said, it does seem as if the recent shakeups have provided The Hill with perhaps its best opportunity yet to reach parity with — or potentially even best — the paper that has historically loomed larger than them. Will / could it happen? Or not so much…?

All of this will be interesting to watch and to see (and to read all of the lovely anonymous tips weighing in on the subject), especially when The Politico enters the field.