The Problem With Techmeme

I spend a lot of time writing about things related to the social web and frequently those issues are being discussed among a number of individuals who are also listed on Techmeme. I honestly spend way too much time reading Techmeme as my source of information. I think it’s a great tool but I saw something today which brought me pause for a minute. While many of you may be on Facebook chances are most of the readers of this site are not active members of hi5.

Honestly, most of the people reading this blog are not members of hi5. That doesn’t mean that hi5 launching a platform isn’t significant though. hi5 is the largest social network next to Facebook according to Alexa and is light years beyond Bebo in terms of traffic. The fact that close to 100 million people have created a profile on hi5 means it’s significant. For some reason Techcrunch, the leading site on Techmeme, decided not to write about it today.

Instead, the top of Techmeme is about Scott Karp’s Digg for journalists. Umm, isn’t that called a newspaper website? While not a completely ridiculous idea, the fact that this story got so much coverage just furthers the concept that Techmeme is filled with a bunch of people that have similar interests and not an unbiased source of new information. While I enjoy much of the content displayed on Techmeme (and enjoy anytime I’m on the site), I’m realizing where the system falls short. Then again, I don’t see the story on hi5 in the Wall Street Journal.

While I don’t intend this to end up a part of what M.G. Siegler calls Bitchmeme, I am curious as to what people use as an effective tool for filtering information. Everything has a bias but maybe the best source for new information should come from my Google Reader, the place where I have created my own little center of information that I’m interested in.

It goes to show how powerful Techmeme is though for people that read and write about technology and social media. What do you do to filter information? Is social media the most effective tool for finding relevant information?